3D Printing & Prototyping

Plastic manufacturing - design, prototype, tooling, production.

This is by far what we do best. We have a widely skilled team here at Gadac Plastics qualified in the design, tooling and manufacturing of plastics. We can work with you from the initial idea, right through to the end manufactured product.

Our plastics manufacturing design team uses 3D CAD software to transform your ideas into design drawings and solid 3D images to make the design stage simple and easy. This allows you to have full interaction and hands on input through each stage of the whole process.

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Plastic Injection & Moulding

Plastic manufacturing - our passion.

Our Adelaide based plastic manufacturing company is owned, managed and operated by committed plastic industry professionals providing a high level of expertise in the manufacturing of plastic goods for a diverse range of industries.

We take ultimate pride in the commitment to service, quality manufacturing and developing long-term relationships with clients. If your business succeeds so does ours.

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Product Design & Tooling

Gadac Plastics has long been known for its leading technology.

Whether it's component technology, plastic materials and/or metal to plastic products, we have evolved our technology through constant learning and cutting-edge innovations and processes.

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We are ready to manufacture your future.
Focussing on delivering the highest-level of quality, technology and service to our customers.

Metal to Plastics

An industry leader in metal replacement to plastics.

Our expertise and design capabilities within the field of metal replacement to plastics places Gadac Plastics as an industry leader, ensuring that our customers are getting full benefits from improving technology and material developments.

Specific plastic resin manufacturers are constantly developing and introducing new engineering grade resins that offer lighter weight, greater strength, and improved chemical resistance along with improved cosmetic and economic properties that are desirable for a particular product.

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Plastics Consultancy

Best started at the initial stages of developing your plastic component.

The consultancy service is best started at the initial stages of developing your plastic component and is particularly valuable if you have limited experience of designing, processing and selecting appropriate plastic materials that best suit your application.

Our consultants work on a wide range of different products covering a broad spectrum of industries, the associated costs of making an error at the early stages of your project development spiral as the project moves forward.

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Project Management

A first class in-house project team.

The Gadac Plastics project management team resources are committed to manage all aspects of your project from concept through to final finished delivery, ready for your customers.

We project manage your requirements by using the talent and proven experience of our in house project team who can provide industrial design, prototype creation, tooling design and your final production tooling, in a timely fashion and on budget.

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