Technology & Machinery

At Gadac Plastic Injection, we focus on delivering the highest-level of quality, technology and service to our customers. We strive to earn our client's business every day, providing world-class design, engineering, manufacturing, and consultancy.

We add superior value to our clients through a total manufacturing solution, enabling them to free up resources to focus on core business competencies.

3D Printing

Gadac Plastic Injection also proudly own a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D FDM Printer, running ABS in various colours and a water soluble support medium.

From ergonomics to manufacturing processes, evaluate form, fit and function right from a Gadac desktop. Gadac are able to create realistic marketing models and durable functional prototypes with pinpoint accuracy using FDM Technology to build in real ABSplus thermoplastic.

Two layer-thickness options allows Gadac to choose between finer resolution or faster printing.

Injection Moulding

Gadac Plastic Injection currently owns and operates 13 Injection Moulding Machines within their Camden Park factory.

These machines range in size from 25 to 1200 tonnes, with shot sizes of up to 2,190g's in Styrene, and cater to an extensive range of product requirements.

Gadac are one of the industry leaders throughout Adelaide, and South Australia, for injection moulding services.

Plastic Granulators

Gadac Plastic Injection work with a number of plastic granulators throughout their various projects.

A plastic granulator is a machine used for size reduction, an essential step in plastic recycling. Plastic granulators have the ability to quickly break down plastic products such as plastic bottles, crates, drums, and films into small, uniform pieces called “regrinds” or “flakes”.

In some cases, this maybe the only step required before it can be reused in manufacturing new plastic products. For the most part, however, recycling of plastic scrap requires much more resources in sorting and separation, size reduction, washing, and pelletising.

We are ready to manufacture your future.
Focussing on delivering the highest-level of quality, technology and service to our customers.
Ultrasonic Welding

Gadac Plastic Injection also specialise in the process of ultrasonic welding, with the use of a world-renowned Branson Ultrasonic Welder.

Ultrasonic welding generates heat to join parts and produces a clean weld area with uniform joint quality. High-frequency vibrations are applied to two parts or layers of material by a vibrating horn or sonotrode tool.

The technique is fast, efficient, non-contaminating and requires no consumables. It’s the perfect welding technology for assembling automotive parts on a wide range of quality vehicles, crafting lifesaving medical devices and sealing modern food packaging.

Masterbatch Feeders

A volumetric doser is used for mixing the colorant with plastic material accurately. The microcomputer can calculate the quantity needed in a certain period of time when one  enters the injecting quantity, the proportion and the time of melting. It makes it easy to provide mixed material as long as there are colorant and the required quantity.

  • Microcomputer controlling, intellectualized accurate calculating.
  • DC motor adopted, free of maintenance.
  • Data memory & saving.
  • Modularized structure, easy to clean and  replace.
  • Durable chrome plated crew.
  • Mixing device available.
More Machinery

Gadac also houses an additional array of high-quality machinery to utilise throughout all types of project requirements.

  • Integra Die Temperature Units
  • Vacuum Loaders for each machine
  • A vast array of material dryer sizes and types; such as hot air, dehumidifiers and desiccant (achieving a moisture level of less than 0.05%)
  • Various shapes and sizes of parts conveyors
  • A number of Granulators; both fixed/stationary and mobile
  • Mobile Drill Presses for in-cycle drilling activities