"We first approached Gadac Plastic Injection by way of referral on our new project; we were armed with an SLA model of the part that we required. Gadac's very pleasant and thorough approach to our needs surprised us. Once they knew of our requirements they offered very important advice and improvements, not only on some design features but also in choosing the right material for our application which resulted in an extremely user-friendly and workable product.

In the beginning, we approached 3 companies, one company said that it could not be tooled up in its current design and the other one said that the volumes are not worth it.

Not only do we still have the current improved design; but we have also never had a product returned. With their superior customer service and experience, Gadac's design help and technical advice have been easy for us to return with our entire product portfolio, we wouldn't consider."

- Bruce, Director

"Having been involved with Gadac Plastic Injection for the past five years I believe our close relationship is due to the open and honest communication we have. Gadac Plastic Injection supplies our injection moulded fittings and have demonstrated high-quality control.

I have always been happy with the service as they have continually met our specifications and rarely have we had a failure due to the quality management systems they have in place.

We are happy to be keeping jobs in South Australia and have found Gadac Plastic Injection cooperative and easy to deal with. Their customer service has played a major role in our continuing relationship as they understand our needs and expectations.

I am confident that we will continue to experience this same satisfaction in the future. "

- Mick, Business Owner

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